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With the agility of a steadicam, the smoothness of a dolly, and the accuracy of motion control, the Agito system is the ultimate camera movement tool. Whether you want to creep along at as little as half an inch per second or fly through an empty warehouse at 30mph, Cinertia Systems and the Agito make it possible.


The Agito is capable of carrying remote head and camera package payloads of up to 50 pounds on the V-Con, a shock absorbing base, or the Tower - capable of 30 inch vertical moves.

The new standard in camera movement.

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As versatile as it gets

Replace jibs, dollys, sliders, rickshaws, tracking vehicles, and even technocranes all with a single tool, with a single operator. The Agito allows the camera department to stay built out on a remote head all day, while accomplishing a wide range of movement styles. Cut down on specialty rental costs with the most versatile tool in the industry. 

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Move without limits

Laying and leveling 100 feet of dolly track is a thing of the past with the Agito. Dollies are completely rigid, unsprung systems, making dance floor or track almost always necessary. The Agito, with its hydraulically-damped shock absorbers, allows the base to smoothly glide over bumpy floors. Plus, the V-Con can be added for smooth movement over the roughest ground.


Just laid 20 feet of circular track but now the director wants to shift everything over five feet? That'll be a 15 minute reset. With the Agito, it's as simple as driving to the new spot. 

Work faster than ever before

The Agito allows you to optimize your remote head workflow by using its speed and flexibility to get shots in the can faster than any other tool available.


The system moves from one shot to the next in seconds, and hot-swappable batteries mean uptime is high. Make days previously considered impossible, all with the highest level of smoothness and precision in every move.

North America's premiere Agito crew

Our close relationship with both the manufacturer, Motion Impossible, and the US distributor, AbelCine, has positioned us as experts in every environment and use case. We have the most hours using the Agito on film, TV, and commercial sets out of anyone in the US, and we're excited to apply that knowledge to your production. From commercials for brands like Mercedes and Nio to live events for HBO Max and SAP, we have the gear, and most importantly, the talent, to make your production a success.


We're Everywhere

Cinertia Systems offers a robust network of certified technicians in key US cities, including Austin/Houston, TX, Tampa/Jacksonville, FL, Atlanta, GA, and New York City. Whether you require rentals domestically or internationally, our team is fully equipped to provide exceptional service and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, no matter where your project may take you.

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